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You Might See

When we are out to sea every day, there is an aray of marine life to look at and observe

It is not unusual to come across dolphins – both Common and Bottlenose varieties – and we have seen the occasional Risso Dolphin as well. These dolphins are truly a crowd pleaser, as they come close to the boat and swim under the bow, racing along with the water.

We don’t see dolphins on every trip, but when we do there are normally anywhere between 6 to 100’s of them. When sighted, they are generally on the hunt for their daily food provisions and the boat gives them a chance to play in the wake and take a look at the passengers. Sometimes they will lay on their sides and look at you, and you can hear them clicking as they happily join us!

Sea birds are absolutely beautiful. The Yellow Nosed Albatross one of the biggest sea birds on earth and we often see them during the whale watching season. They often fly close to the boat and hover with interest, so if you have a good camera, you will definately capture some great shots. You will often see the Australasian Gannet during the whale watching season, just like this young one shown below.

Other commonly sighted sea birds include the Flesh Footed Shearwater, Crested Terns, and the Wedge-tailed Shearwater.

You could also see a Green Sea Turtle coming to the surface to take a breath of air, just like this little fellow.