2015 Whale watching Season

WOW where has the year gone!?  We can’t believe its whale watching season already wooohooo!! This year we are gearing up for a recored breaking season…..we have heavily discounted tickets running all season and for the first time our child ticket is only $45. So no excuses not to bring the kids. We have some…


Counting down to the 2014 season!!!

What great news heading into the 2014 whale watching season.  Thanks in a large part to the tireless efforts of Sea Shepard and other organisations, Japan’s permits to hunt whales under the banner of ‘scientific research’ have all been revoked!!! To top it off, whales have already been spotted off Australia’s east coast! Come and…


One month down

Our 2013 whale watching season so far has been SPECTACULAR!!  We have seen pods and pods of whales everyday and very very active for this early in the season. Our record so far is over 40 whales on one day!!  We all agree that we have never seen so many whales this early in the season and SO…


2013 Season so far

We have been out 5 times thbis seaosn so far – due to weather we have been held back a few days! The whales have been incredible and really acitve for so early in the season. Avergaing about 8 whales on a trip, there hasnt been a day we havent seen a breach! we have…


Whales are coming !!

Whale Watching for 2013 starts this Saturday the 1st June!  Whales have already been sighted headin up the coast – so be one of the first people to see the whales of 2013! We are expecting record numbers this year and the first few weeks of the season are some of the best!!!!

One Week to go!

Our first whale watching trip will be on Saturday the 1st of June.  We are all very excited to get our first climpse of a whale for this season. early bird special still stands but only until the end of July – so make a booking now !!  The Whales are coming !!!!!!!!!!!

2 weeks to go

The boat is getting cleaned, our famous comentator Nicky is on her way from mexico , Steve our photographer is printing photos and cleaning his cameras ! Stacey our deckhand is visiting all our local hotels and spreading the word!! WHALES ARE COMING . We have early bird special tickets that are selling fast…. jump on board…


2013 Season

We are expecting 2013 to be the best whale watching season so far! 2012 seen record numbers of whale gracing our coastline, coming in closer to shore than ever before. Migaloo was sighted only 700m off the coast of Coolangatta. As of now we are still the last boat to have sighted him! Woo hooo.

Still the last the see Migaloo

We are still the last boat to have officially seen Migaloo….. its early May and all reports show it us who was the last to see him. We are hoping 2013 is our biggest and most exciting year ever!!

Best Whale Season so far…….

This year they are predicitng record numbers of whales! Sea Shepard are doing there part to stop the slaughter of innocent whales and its paying off. Dont forget the join the cause this year and book a seat on our tour to expereince the magic of these creatures.